About Us: Chicago Illinois Trusted Piano Moving Service

Founded in 2011, Quality Piano LLC is a premier piano moving and transportation company near me that focuses on helping both residential and commercial clients pack, unpack, store, and move a comprehensive variety of pianos. We offer reliable, expert, and affordable services in line with the client’s specifications. As a piano moving Chicago company, we have a robust team of industry professionals who are personally trained to strategically and (more importantly) delicately handle your piano moving, guaranteeing you peace of mind.
In addition, as one of the best piano moving companies, we effortlessly handle seemingly impossible and daunting piano transportation jobs thanks to our thorough understanding of different floor plans, the dimensional knowledge of different pianos, access to cutting-edge tools, and a specially designed (climate controlled) transportation fleet.Yes, we guarantee that your piano will be completely shielded from environmental factors such as humidity and moisture thanks to our unique packing solutions. Moreover, we also ensure that your grand instrument is thoroughly padded to absorb all the vibrations and road bums during transit. For us, it’s all about providing an experience. We love pianos and understand that you cherish yours, which is why we treat the instrument as one of our own.

Reason why we’re a trusted name

At Quality Piiano LLC, we offer both local and interstate transportation services. This means that if you’re relocating anywhere in Illinois or are planning to move to another state, we’ll take care of transporting the piano to you. Our team of skilled and creative piano movers is also well-versed in the logistical side of things as well. They have excellent knowledge of all the efficient routes and know how to navigate bumpy terrain to safely transport your piano. In all, Quality Piano LLC can help affordably transport your instrument as part of your package.This means you won’t have to arrange for a third-party service.

Committed to Proving Our Excellence/strong>

As a licensed and accredited company, we always go above and beyond what our clients expect from us, continually improving our service, introducing more innovative tools, and implementing more efficient piano moving strategies. What’s more, we also insure your piano before transporting it, adding that extra layer of security while helping you have a stress-free experience. We told you, we’re pretty serious about pianos! At Quality Piano LLC, your needs are more dear to us than anything. We ensure you get exactly what you paid, and then some. This has been one of the cornerstones of our success and popularity in Chicago.

No Hourly Rates

That’s right. We don’t charge you every hour on the hour. We offer fixed rates for our piano moving and transportation services. As a quality piano moving company, we work with our clients to expedite the process, keeping you in the loop to ensure we follow each one of your specifications and requirements, down to the last T. We’re amongst a handful of piano moving companies that offer value for money as well as excellent customer service. every piano we handle.