Piano Moving and Storage

Quality Piano provides the maximum protection level to your stored piano. Our company designed storage facility intentionally in such a way that the actual piano storage area is far away from exterior walls, all heating ducts, or all probable water seepage in order to eliminate the chance of any harm coming to your piano within its storage span in our state-of-the-art storage facility.

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Climate-Controlled Piano Storage Facility

A piano’s strings, wood, and overall sound will depend upon sustaining the proper humidity and temperature levels when the piano is stored for any span of time. Quality Piano made its climate-controlled facility in order to shield your piano no matter how long you must store it as the need might arise, regardless of the season, as we maintain the exact same climactic conditions year-round.

Special treatment is taken as we regulate the temperature of our climate-controlled secure facility in order to eliminate all opportunities of high string tension, which could occur if the storage facility temperature isn’t correctly monitored

We also ensure that our facility is dust-free and climate-controlled at all times, which will ensure your piano’s optimal protection underneath all circumstances. To battle any additional kind of probability that might result in any kind of harm to the piano, our company’s storage facility is appropriately manned and is well-equipped with an effective alarm system for your instrument’s safety.

As the premier piano movers in the area, we’re ready to move your piano and store it as necessary until you need it again. Contact us today to learn more about this service.