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Horizontal Pianos

“These pianos are known as such because of their length and the arrangement of their strings. They also go by the name ‘grand pianos’. If you’re looking for experienced piano movers near me, learn more about relocating a grand piano near you.

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Vertical Pianos

The name “vertical pianos” is dictated by their tallness and the string placement. They can range in height from 36″ to 60″. For a quote on moving an upright piano, get in touch with our experts today.

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Quality Piano LLC Your Trusted Partner for Safe and Reliable Piano Moving Services in Illinois and the Midwest!

Welcome to Quality Piano LLC, your go-to choice for piano movers near me in Illinois and the Midwest. We are your trusted partner for ensuring safe and reliable piano moving services right in your vicinity.

It’s important to understand that moving your precious (and expensive) piano from one room to another or a new location altogether isn’t as simple as, let’s say, moving a sofa or any other furniture item. It’s a completely different ball game. This is why you need to consider a professional piano transporter service. Furthermore, piano moving involves diligently ensuring that every part and component of the grand instrument remains intact. After all, let’s not forget just how expensive replacing parts such as pedals, strings, and keys can be.

Moreover, let’s also factor in the fact that an average piano may easily weigh up to 1,000 lbs! This is why it is imperative that you seek professional piano movers in Chicago near me to ensure a safe and stress-free transition. And this is exactly where Quality Piano LLC comes into play. We’re professional piano movers who specialize in piano moving near you in Chicago and beyond. As a piano moving company, we offer affordable and high-quality piano transportation and placement services, seamlessly delivering your instrument, and guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Our Services

Professional Piano Moving

As affordable piano movers Chicago, we have a robust team of skilled and diligent piano movers who are meticulously trained to move, handle, and transport all types of pianos, such as upright pianos and grand pianos. We use innovative and cutting-edge equipment, tools, and strategies to carefully and seamlessly move your piano without any risk of damage.


Local and Long Distance Transportation and Moving

As the best piano movers Chicago, we offer customers easy long-distance and local piano moving and transportation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re relocating to the same area or deciding to move to another state. Our transportation and moving experts have excellent terrain knowledge and a profound sense of navigation, guaranteeing efficient and safe piano transportation.

Expert Piano Packing and Unpacking Services

Being professional piano movers Chicago, we offer customers a comprehensive experience. At Quality Piano LLC, we’re all about leaving a lasting impression. We know how valuable your instrument is, which is why we offer quick and effective piano packing and unpacking services, ensuring that your piano remains completely secured and intact during transit. We use a combination of top-notch packing materials, protecting your piano from a variety of environmental factors such as vibrations from road bumps.

Climate-Controlled Storage

As a low cost piano moving Chicago company, we also offer our guests temporary, climate- controlled storehouse installations should you decide to go on a holiday or are in the middle of a move and want to insure that your piano remains safe from unforeseen temperature changes.
Why Choose Quality Piano LLC?

Why Choose Quality Piano LLC?

You Won’t Have to Worry About Any Home Damages.

Pianos can be pretty heavy unlike most of your stuff at home, which is primarily why moving it can be so daunting. Quality Piano LLC is a cheap piano moving company that has the skill, resources, and technology to help move your piano without causing any home damage. Our professionals are thoroughly trained to handle pianos very delicately whilst ensuring there are no scratches on your floor or minor bumps on the wall. With us, your piano will be in safe hands.

Zero Risk of Injury

On average, pianos can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1000lb, moving on your own may expose you to risk of injury.

Local Experts Near Me

As the best piano movers Chicago, we have profound knowledge about the local landscape as well as a comprehensive understanding of the city’s suburbs. Our professional transporters are skilled in navigating through narrow streets and alleyways and know all the best routes for transportation.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don’t take our word for it. Just take a look at what our customers have to say about us. We’ve helped hundreds of clients without compromising on quality and our commitment to excellence. We understand how expensive and precious your piano is to you and we treat it as if it were our own.

Tips for Moving a Piano On Your Own

Moving a piano requires good handling and moving knowledge. After all, the last thing you want to do is damage your instrument. With that being said, it isn’t impossible to move a piano on your own. In light of this, we’ve shared a brief list of tips and strategies you need to consider when moving a piano in an emergency or if you simply feel you’re confident enough to do it on your own.

Gather the Right Supplies and Equipment

Moving a piano isn’t like moving a bed or sofa. Pianos are heavy and difficult to handle and grip. This is why you must be duly prepared.

The first item you’ll need is a piano board, which is a padded device made of wood and will protect the keyboard from any damage. Next, you’ll need to get a couple of transportation blankets to ensure there are no scratches on the body of the piano. Get some tape to secure the blankets in place and make sure you get straps to fasten the piano board in place.

Don’t Move it Alone

Yup, moving a piano isn’t a one-person job. So, after you gather supplies, you’ll need to enlist the help of your family or friends. Depending on how big and heavy your piano is, you may need four people to carry or slide it out of the doorway.

As you can probably see, piano moving requires a ton of planning, the need for the right supplies, and additional helpers.

This is why you should consider hiring professional piano movers who can get the job done more efficiently and help you save some money along the way. At Quality Piano Moving, we have a team of the best piano movers Chicago.
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Hire a Tuner

Here’s a link to the tuners list: Click here for a tuner.

For personalized recommendations on the ideal piano tuner in your area, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Service Areas

As the best piano movers Chicago, we offer our services throughout Chicago and its suburbs as well as Indiana and Wisconsin, including but not limited to:

  •         Downtown Chicago
  •         Lincoln Park
  •         Lakeview
  •         Wrigleyville
  •         Oak Park
  •         Evanston
  •         Skokie
  •         Naperville
  •         Schaumburg
  •         Indiana
  •         Wisconsin

And many more!

For the best piano moving experience, choose Quality Piano LLC. As professional piano movers, we understand that your piano deserves the best, and we’re here to deliver.

We have been in the piano moving business for 18 years serving the Chicago, Illinois area and beyond. Please call or email us for a free estimate, or click Estimates for a detailed estimate form.